Our Facility

Serenity House sets itself apart from other foster care facilities.  Serenity House provides the personal care that a private foster home would provide with the professional care that would be expected in a larger facility.  We also provide the warm feelings of a home without losing the quality of a custom built facility, designed for elderly care.

Our goal is to meet the social, physical, mental, and recreational needs of all our residents. We are dedicated to helping the elderly to live their lives to the fullest, in a community setting that promotes dignity with quality of life for our residents.

Serenity House's limited size provides an opportunity for interaction between staff, volunteers and residents and allows for personalized care. We listen to the needs and desires of our residents to provide superior living conditions. Our facility offers the amenities of a modern home. Our facility is large enough to operate efficiently, but small enough to feel like home. This type of atmosphere is the core objective of Serenity House.  Residents should feel as though they are relaxed and in their living room, not in an institution. Serenity House seeks to offer the best living conditions possible for all of our residents. Each resident is able to enjoy a space all their own, and has a comfortable room, matching as closely as possible to a home environment.

Our residents receive three prepared meals per day, and a snack is offered in the evening. All food is served family style, again matching as closely as possible a home environment.  All meals are prepared by a trained cooking staff, and therefore will be able to meet the individual nutritional requirements of all of our residents. Also, there are many volunteers who assist those individuals with special needs.

In addition to the private rooms, there are be numerous areas available for social activities and entertainment. These living spaces offer residents an opportunity to socialize with one another as well as the facility's volunteers and staff.  Our staff is on duty 24 hours a day, and is able to meet all of the needs of our residents. This facility surpasses state–requirements in the number of direct–care staff on duty so that our residents have the best living conditions possible.

Serenity House offers our residents with opportunities to socialize and exercise. The opportunity's intent is to improve the lives of our residents through a variety of activities and programs.  In doing this, we hope to give them the quality of life they desire. Each person's activities are individually designed to meet their personal needs and abilities.  In addition, many entertainment and social activities are incorporated.  These include a variety of games and sports, exercise time, gardening activities, arts and crafts, table games, music and singing time, and many others. All activities primarily take place at the facility, but field trips are offered on occasion.